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Warumono 108cm-wide Original Cloth

Original Cloth has been gradually remodeled since 2015. The remodeled ones are different from the previous models in not only the width which used to be 90cm, but also the texture and color tones of the fabric.

Making something by yourself is so much fun, of course. You may find pleasure in making covers for everything in your house, however, be careful not to make too many.
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100% Cotton sheeting fabric (Plain woven cloth)
Printed in black on deep red fabric
Width: 108cm

The diameter of the button in the image is around 1.1cm
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Our cloth is sold in one meter increments.
Please input the length and dimensions you need in the "Quantity" section.
When you input "3", for example, we won't know whether you mean one three-meter piece (3m x 1piece) or three one-meter pieces (1m x 3pieces), so please give us a more detailed order for the cloth in the message space.
Original Cloth
Original Cloth

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