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Chuko-chan 25th Anniversary Stuffed Toy

Chuko-chan stuffed Toy was once sold out. However, it has come back toward 2020, which is the year of the mouse in Oriental Zodiac.

The cuddly stuffed toys can sit quietly. Their fluffy texture is addictive!
They will surely enrapture the hearts of children and adults.
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Materials: Polyseter
Body height: 16cm tall (when sitting) / 20cm tall (when standing)
= Made in China =

Please read carefully WARNING, NOTES, and HOW TO CARE below and take a good care of your Chuko-chan (Mousey) for many years to come.

/// WARNING ///
This product has small components. There is the danger of accidentally swallowing them.
Do NOT provide the product to children under 3 years old.

/// NOTES ///
*Suitable ages for 3 years and up
*Keep the product away from fire, or it will deform or deteriorate.
*Do NOT give the product a strong pull or excessive force to prevent breakage or an unexpected accident.
*The colors of the product may change or fade away due to sweat or depending on the conditions of use.
*Avoid washing.
*Plastic bags and fasteners are used in the packages. Dispose of them out of the reach of children.
*Judging from the nature of the product, fibers of its fur is easy to come off. Be careful not to accidentally swallow them.
*Some products have chains and/or straps. Do NOT twist them around your fingers etc. Or an unexpected body injury may be caused.

/// HOW TO CARE ///
*Do NOT wash or tumble-dry.
*Gently beat the dust off from the product.
*Use a soft cloth dampened with water or neutral detergent to beat smudges off.
*Dry the surface well with a dry towel and then let the product dry in the shade, out of direct sunlight.
*Surface-wash may change hues and textures of the product.

The 25th Anniversary Stuffed Toy
The 25th Anniversary Stuffed Toy

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