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Shiro-Usagi 25th Anniversary Applique

25th Applique is a bit big embroidered iron-on patch. Decorate your fabric stuff with it.
In commemoration of Aranzi Aronzo's 25th anniversary, total 25 patterns have been made and available.
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Dimensions: 2.2cm x 4.3cm
*Please read carefully [NOTE] below before you start.

25th Anniversary Applique
25th Anniversary Applique
(1) Place the iron-on where you would like to applique.
(2) Cover it with thin cotton cloth and press with warm iron (150-160 degrees C or 302-320 degrees F) for 20-30 seconds without moving.
(3) After iron-pressing, put something heavy on the (2) and leave it on a flat surface until it gets cool off entirely.
(4) In order to attach the iron-on thoroughly, it would be better to press again from the back side. (Leave it again until it gets cool off entirely just as (3).

** Repeat the process from (2) to (4) with a little warmer iron if the iron-on is not attached well.
** Do not applique on shaggy materials, heat-sensitive or water-repellent fabric such as vinyl, nylon, etc.
** Do not tumbler dry.
** Take care not to get burned.

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