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ARANZI BISTRO Spoon and Chopstics Set

This product was one of the early ARANZI FUKUBUKURO (grab bag) 2017 contents. It is to be sold out as soon as the present stock has run out.

There is a silicone cushion in the case. Since it helps to avoid making clattering noise, people will not find that you have a lunch box any more.
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Case dimensions: 4.7cm x 18.8cm x 1.8cm
Lenght of the spoon and chopsticks: 18cm long
Materials: [case lid] AS resin / [case body] ABS resin / [spoon] ABS resin / [chopsticks] metacrylate resin / [inner cushion] silicone
Service temperature limit:
[case, spoon, and chopsticks] 100 degrees Celsius (=212 degrees Fahrenheit)
[inner cushion] 140 degrees Celsius (=284 degrees Fahrenheit)

- Do NOT heat in the oven or on the direct fire.
- Do NOT use in the dishwasher or dishdryer. Hand-wash the product.
- Store away from heat and moisture.
- Do NOT sterilize this product in boiling water, or it will deform.
- The prints may come off depending on alkaline detergent or cleaner containing orange oil (D-limonene).

ARANZI BISTRO Spoon and Chopsticks Set

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