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Photo Calendar 2018 S size

Regular price 600yen >>> 400yen

This is the twentieth year since we started producing calendars. The 2018 calendars feature both newly-taken pictures and some old classics.

To people who look forward to our photo calendar every year, we thank you for waiting! And to people who will use our calendar for the first time, we are delighted to share 2018 with you. We hope you like it.

As each calendar page has a punch hole, it can be hung on the wall. The small ones are handy to carry. They can be used as schedule books too. We also have them in a large size. They are easy to read.

* Note: Japanese National holiday version only
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Other variations
L size : 650Yen

Printed in full color
It's a photo book-like calendar. Schedules can be written in it as well.
Handy and portable!
Dimensions: 148mm x 210mm (when opened)
Photo Calendar 2018
Photo Calendar 2018

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