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Tokage One-Word Flip Cover L size

This is a flip-style cover with a mirror inside. Your smartphone can be attached onto the slide inside with the adhesive tape that comes with the cover.
It is compatible with a variety of smartphones such as iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus/6s Plus/ and 6 Plus.
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Chief materials: Polyurethane
Available smartphone dimensions: 80mm x 162mm x 7.5mm (Within these dimensions, any model is OK.)
Aranzi Flip Cover
Aranzi Flip Cover
Aranzi Flip Cover
Please read carefully before using this product.

/// HOW TO USE ///
  1. Remove the yellow paper liner of the adhesive tape first and put the tape on the slide (where the black arrow is pointing in the illustraion #1).
    Then remove the film liner from the tape while being careful not to touch the adhesive face.
  2. Position your smartphone for preventing it from protruding out of the cover. Then attach the back of the smartphone onto the tape.
To use the front camera, slide your smartphone upwards.

    /// NOTE ///
  • Models with curved or spcecially processed back may not be able to fixed by the adhesive tape.
    *In this case, please purchase a commercially available hard shell (polycarbonate), put your smartphone on the hard shell, and then attach the shelled phone to this product with the adhesive tape.
  • This product is not a guarantee of anti-damage or anti-stain.
  • Do NOT put this product close to magnetic cards or magnetic equipment since it has a magnet closure.
  • The fixing tape has strong adhesive power. Be aware that damage to your smartphone or adhesive residue will occur upon removal of the smartphone from this product.
  • Fasten the magnet closure, whenever you bring this product with you.
  • Use and keep this product out of reach of children.
  • Please note that we can not assume any responsibility for incidental damages arising from the use of this product or impossibility of use.

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