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Kappa Under The Sea 2019 Schedule Book

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This is an A5-sized scheduler. We call it schedule book.
Its principal specification has remained the same since we launched the first issue in 2003. Every year, we receive many opinions from customers who request the re-issue of the books as they were very useful. Thank you very much! That's why we decided to produce the schedule books for the seventeenth year. Our schedule books are large but light. Easy to write in and it is possible to make extensive use of all pages.
May you enjoy everyday of the upcoming year!

* NOTE: Japanese National holiday version only
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Dimensions: 15cm x 21cm (when closed) / With vinyl jacket
It has total 64 pages including note sections and a personal data form. (All the schedule books are the same in content.) It starts from January 2019 and ends with January 2020.
Schedule Book
Schedule Book
Schedule Book
Schedule Book
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