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Usagi Faces 3-WAY Mirror

This mirror can be placed on a counter, hung onto a wall, or handheld.
The tilt stand does a one-eighty and enables you to use the mirror as a handheld one.
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Oval mirror dimensions: 11.8cm(minor axis) x 16cm(major axis)
Frame dimensions: 15cm x 20cm / 29cm-long when used as a handheld mirror
Main materials: 2mm-thick glass mirror, PS, ABS

- Do NOT use this product in direct sunlight.
- Do NOT give the product shock to prevent breakage or an unexpected injury.
- Keep away from fire or high temperatures.
- Check that the hook is firmly fixed before hanging it onto a wall.
- Do NOT use near a bathtab, washball, or anywhere else that water and moisture are present.
- It may discolor by touching with cosmetics/hair dressing-stained hands.
- When the product gets dirty, wipe off the dirt with a soft cloth.

Aranzi 3-WAY Mirror
Aranzi 3-WAY Mirror

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