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Kappa Triad Nested Container

This set consists of matching containers in three different sizes.
The previous model came in four containers. On the other hand, the current one has been remodeled as a three-piece set.
Like matryoshka dolls, the biggest container can hold the other two compactly.
They can be used as lunch boxes and versatile containers for tiny stuff.
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[L] 11.0cm square and 6.0cm high / 510ml
[M] 10.2cm square and 5.0cm high / 320ml
[S] 8.5cm square and 4.5cm high / 180ml
Materials: (body) polypropylene / (lid) polyethylene
Heatproof temperature: (body) 140 degrees Celsius (=248 degrees Fahrenheit) / (lid) 70 degrees Celsius (=158 degrees Fahrenheit)
Microwave-safe *Remove the lid when you microwave something.

- Do NOT heat in the oven or on the direct fire.
- Do NOT use in the dishwasher or dishdryer. Hand-wash the product.
- Store away from heat and moisture.
- Remove the lid when you microwave something.
- Reduce the microwaving time when the food has a high oil or a low water content.
- This lunchbox may deform by boiling sterilization.
- It may also be deteriorated by terpene or oil contained in citrus skin such as lemon.
- The prints may come off depending on alkaline detergent or cleaner containing orange oil (D-limonene).

Triad Nested Container
Triad Nested Container

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