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Kaeru Shoe Covers

This product was one of the early ARANZI FUKUBUKURO (grab bag) 2019 contents. It is to be sold out as soon as the present stock has run out.

Put these covers on the shoes you are wearing. They change into water-proof rain shoes. The stretchy silicone rubber covers flexibly fit your shoes.
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Aranzi Shoe Covers
Shoe size: 22.5cm to 25.5cm (JP), 35 to 41 (EU), 5 to 8 (US), 3.5 to 6.5 (UK)
Pouch dimensions: 17cm x 21.5cm
Materials: (shoe covers) silicone rubber, (pouch) EVA
= Made in China =
Aranzi Shoe Covers
Aranzi Shoe Covers
Aranzi Shoe Covers
Aranzi Shoe Covers
Usage note for Aranzi Shoe Covers
Please heed the note before using the shoe covers.
  • Take careful steps on the slippery surface such as maintenance hatches, tiles, gratings, iron plates, tactile paving blocks, escalators, stairs, indoor areas, and so on.
  • Mind your footing on snowy roads.
  • Keep the shoe covers away from fire and heated things. Or they may deform.
  • Using roughly or applying excessive force can tear the shoe covers.
  • Do NOT use the shoe covers on gravel walks or mountain climing trails.
  • Dry in shade.
  • Do NOT use in greased areas.
  • Due to the nature of the material, the smell will fade away over time.
  • Durability deffers depending on usage conditions.
  • The shoe covers is not available for platform shoes, pointed-toe shoes, high heels, and shoes with metal ornaments.
  • The shoe covers are NOT toys. Improper usage can cause death by suffocation. Keep the covers out of reach of babies and children.
  • Use only for intended purpose.
  • We are not responsible for any accidents or disadvantages caused by the incorrect use of this product.
Cautions for taking an escalator with the shoe covers on
  • Stand clear from the yellow line on the step. Likewise do NOT step on the yellow line when you take an escalator and step it off.
  • The steps are slippery. Watch out your step.

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