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Treasure Ship Smartphone Ring Holder

Attach this holder to the back of your smartphone and place your finger through the ring to securely hold the phone. The ring can rotate 360 degrees. It can be used as a kickstand to easily view the screen.
Please read carefully NOTE below before you use the holder.
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Materials of the ornament part: PVC
Dimensions of the ornament part: 5.2cm x 5.5cm / Ring: dia. 2cm

/// NOTE ///
*This ring holder is not a guarantee of anti-drop. Please hold your phone carefully.
*Wipe off oil and dirt from your phone before attaching this product.
*This product cannot be attached to TPU or silicone cases.
*The adhesive strength cannot be guaranteed since it varies depending on devices to use, usage conditions, and environment.
*After detaching this product, it may decrease in adhesive strength.
*Shrinkage of adhesive sheet and a reduction of adhesive performance may be caused depending on storage conditions, environment, and ages.
*Due to aging, usage conditions, and environment, adhesive residues may remain on your phone when the holder is detached. Smartphone Ring Holder
Smartphone Ring Holder
Depending on the manufacturing time, frosted materials will be used for the ring as the image below.
Smartphone Ring Holder

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