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ARANZI OUTDOOR Cased Chopsticks

There is a silicone cushion in the case. Since it helps to avoid making a clattering noise, people will not find that you have a lunch box any more.
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Case dimensions: 4.7cm x 18.8cm x 1.8cm
Lenght of the chopsticks: 18cm long
Materials: [case lid] AS resin / [case body] ABS resin / [chopsticks] metacrylate resin / [inner cushion] silicone
Service temperature limit:
[case and chopsticks] 100 degrees Celsius (=212 degrees Fahrenheit)
[inner cushion] 140 degrees Celsius (=284 degrees Fahrenheit)

- Keep away from the fire.
- Use a mild detergent and hand-wash this product with a sponge or a soft cloth in lukewarm water.
- In case of any scratch, crack or damage, discontinue use of the product immdeiately.
- Store away from direct sunlight.
- Do NOT sterilize the product in boiling water, or it will deform.
- The prints may come off depending on alkaline detergent or cleaner containing orange oil (D-limonene).
- The product tapers off to a narrow point of the sticks. Be careful when children use it.
- We are not responsible for any accidents or disadvantages caused by the incorrect use of this product.

ARANZI OUTDOOR Cased Chopsticks

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