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This product was one of the early ARANZI FUKUBUKURO (grab bag) 2020 contents.
It is to be sold out as soon as the present stock has run out.

It is embarrassing to nod off during travelling by bus, train, or plane. This pillow will lay it to rest. Without blowing air, it can be inflated by pressing the built-in pump. Plus the pump helps you to adjust air even after putting the pillow on your shoulders.
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Dimensions: 12cm x 25cm x 35cm (when inflated)
Main materials: polyester, PVC

= Made in China =

1. Close the air valve. And put the pillow in the cover.
2. Press the pump to inflate the pillow.
*Air can be pumped more smoothly into the pillow by picking up the fabric around the air intake.

- The pillow naturally deflates as time goes by.
- Do NOT inflate the pillow too much. It will swell and burst under a low pressure environment such as in-flight.
- Do NOT sit on the pillow.
- Do NOT use the pillow as a float.
- Keep away the pillow from fire, high-temperature or pointed substance.
- It may cause discoloration or color transfer due to friction or wetness.

When the fabric cover get dirty, please hand-wash it in a lukewarm water.
- Do not bleach.
- Do not tumble dry.
- Do not iron.
Aranzi Neck Pillow
Aranzi Neck Pillow
Aranzi Neck Pillow

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