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This mask charm can be put on your surgical mask by sandwiching the fabric between the face-shaped decoration from the outside and the plastic catch from the inside without making a hole. It is easy to attach and detach.
The mask charm will surely add some cuteness to a plain surgical mask.
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Dimensions: 1.5cm to 3.0cm x 2.5cm to 3.5cm
Materials: PET, nylon resin
Please read carefully the precautions below before using this product.
Aranzi Mask Charm
Aranzi Mask Charm
The mask in the photo is a non-woven mask.

  • Keep this product out of reach of babies and children.
    It has small components. There is the danger of accidentally swallowing them.
  • Do not give the product a strong pull or excessive force to prevent breakage or an unexpected accident.
  • Do not use the damaged or deformed product.
  • Be careful when detaching the product so as not to hurt your nails.
  • After attaching the product, do not pull it hard. It will come off or your surgical mask will tear.
  • The product is available only for thin surgical masks.
  • If the product is not attached correctly, it uncouples.
  • Depending on the materials, the surgical mask may tear.
  • Do not use the damaged surgical mask.
  • Use only for intended purpose.
Aranzi Mask Charm
The model is wearing a thin cotton mask.

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