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Craftsmen dye each Tenugui by hand. The more you use it, the softer and more comfortable it becomes. Once you use a Tenugui for a handkerchief or towel, you will appreciate it.
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Materials: 100% cotton
Dimensions: 33cm x 90cm

It is highly absorbent, dries quickly, and quite convenient.
Dyed sky-blue with bleaching out Tokage.
Tenugui/Japanese Towel
Tenugui/Japanese Towel
TENUGUI, a Japanese traditional towel, has became widely used since the Edo period (1603-1867) when cotton growing became popular.
It has plenty of uses besides as a towel or a handkerchief; for example, as a luncheon mat, a dust cover, a wrapping material, a fashionable headwrap, or a tapestry (it looks better in a frame.)
Anyway, Tenugui is a very useful cloth.

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