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Uo Bag
This product is a remodel of the shopping bag named "transforming bag", which was sold at our stores some time ago. Only the Uo (Fishy) ones have come back!

When you open the zipper and unfold it, it transforms into a cool shopping bag.
The fish body on the bag can be used as a zippered pocket. How smart!
The super-light polyester bag can be folded up compactly. How easy to carry it!
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Materials: Polyester
Bag dimensions: 30cm x 39cm x 12cm / Handle: 40cm long
Dimensions when folded: 8cm x 22cm
Weight capacity: 22kg
= Made in China =
Uo Bag
  • Keep the product away from fire.
  • Do NOT swing around the product with something sharp or heavy in it to prevent breakage or an unexpected accident.
  • Do NOT leave heavy items in the product.
  • Clean inside of the product with a dry cloth and fold up the product into the original shape after use.
  • The product may lose its color at the beginning of use.
  • Do NOT put wet stuff directly or leave it for a long time. The color of the product may discolor or transfer to other items.
  • Do NOT machine wash.
  • Do NOT use chlorine bleach, softener, dryer, or iron.

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