This character's item list: Warumono
As its name, it is a non-glass cup though it looks made of glass.
You will feel like having cold refreshment, won't you?
The cup will not crack if you drop it a little by accident. But be careful that it is likely to be broken when it falls hard.
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Dimensions: 6cm (lower dia.), 8cm (upper dia.) x 8.5cm (height) / Capacity: 270ml
Materials: Methacrylic resin
Maximum service temperature limit: 70 degrees Celsius (=158 degrees Fahrenheit)
Made of Glass? Non-glass Cup
Made of Glass? Non-glass Cup
Made of Glass? Non-glass Cup

- Keep this product away from fire.
- Do NOT use in freezer, microwave, dishwasher, or dish dryer.
- Do NOT use alkaline detergent or cleaner containing orange oil (D-limonene).
- Do NOT put oily or alcoholic liquid in the product.
- Do NOT give a strong impact to the product or it may be damaged.
- Please handle with care.

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