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This glasses holder sandwiches the lenses of your glasses and holds them compactly.
The inner liner is soft textile, which can be used as a lens wipe.
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Dimensions: 6cm x 13.2cm (when folded)
Chief materials: PU, micro suede (polyester)
Made in China

*There are differences in faint prints according to each individual.
Please read the following NOTE carefully before using the glasses holder.
Glasses Holder
Glasses Holder

  1. Place your glasses with the temples unfolded on the holder.
  2. Fold the temples and close the holder lid.
  3. Fasten the belt over the temples.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and places with high heat and humidity. Use and keep the product in a cool dry place.
  • Getting wet or strong friction may cause such problems as color staining and loss of color.
  • Do NOT wash or iron. When the product is stained, moisten a cloth with water and wring the cloth hard for wiping.
  • Do NOT use any alcohol, bleach, or other chemicals such as thinner and benzine on the product.
    Doing so may damage it.
  • Children must use the product under their guardian's supervision.
  • Use only for intended purpose.
  • There are differences in faint prints according to each individual.
  • Regardless of the period of use and use frequency, the PU materials may deteriorate or transform beyond withstanding for use due to change over time (hydrolysis) caused by moisture in the air such as humidity. Please kindly note that.

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