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Friends 2020-model T-shirt blueBlue : L size
Regular price 3400yen >>> now 2380yen!

Since our T-shirts are soft and breathable, you will feel comfortable even in warm weather.
This is a 2020-model T-shirt. It comes with a bit wider hemline than the previous models.
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Blue : M size : 2,240Yen

Material: 100% cotton

See T-shirt size chart

NOTE: Printed designs may stain a little with the color of the T-shirt. Our shirts are designed to give the ''worn-out''effect. Smudges and cracks on the design should not be mistaken for defects or damages. The colors of items on screen may look different from the actual ones.

We love this soft, ''worn-out'' and comfortable look. But make no mistakes, they are all brand new. (^-^) 2020-model T-shirt
2020-model T-shirt
FYI, the model is in a large-sized white T-shirt.
2020-model T-shirt (Large size)
The same model is in a medium-sized red T-shirt.
2020-model T-shirt (Medium size)

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