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Aranzi Aronzo's 5th mook, ARANZI ARONZO COMIC BOOK, has been published!
It specially features four newly-drawn comics and the making of ARANZI ARONZO's exhibition - PILES OF BAGS -, which was held in Nagoya City (the area in central Japan) in April this year. Plus all about novelties and FUKUBUKURO (lucky bags) in the past, instructions on how to make a Droolie Tissue Case, and more!
A useful tote bag and a miniature tote are enclosed with the mook as premium gifts.

The book is written in Japanese only but must be fun even just to browse a bunch of the photos and inllustrations while using your full imagination.
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Written in Japanese only
Publisher: TAKARAJIMASHA, Inc. / Issued date: 15/07/2017
Total 53 pages
The premium tote bag dimensions: 27cm x 32cm
The premium miniature tote bag dimensions: 8cm x 13cm x 5cm
The bag materials: Polyester
Book: Printed in Japan / Bags: Made in China

Mook is a coined word that combines "magazine" and "book". It is like a book that focuses on only one brand but also like a magazine that includes a premium gift called "furoku" in Japanese. ARANZI ARONZO COMIC BOOK

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