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Today's Tetsu

Today's Tetsu features the best and brightest pages from the diary named "Tetsu's Room", which used to be published on our web site - ARANZI NET. (The diary page is currently closed.) It also has some revised articles from the books and magazines that were issued in the past.

The articles from our classic archives are edited and turned into a book called ARANZI MAGAZINE. Today's Tetsu has been launched as the first title of the ARANZI MAGAZINE. Check it out!
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Written in Japanese only
color prints / 64 pages / 14.8cm x 21.1cm x 0.5cm (when closed)
Printed in Japan

There is a faintly printed part in the page 19. But the book is a proper piece.
Thank you for understanding and purchasing with no worry.

Today's Tetsu
Today's Tetsu

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