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Tenugui/Japanese Towel Panda  

Craftsmen dye each Tenugui by hand. The more you use it, the softer and more comfortable it becomes. Once you use a Tenugui for a handkerchief or towel, you will appreciate it.
Hand Towel Panda Faces  

Even if you've already had many towels why don't you get some more? They will help you a lot since you use them everyday for wiping your hands or sweat.
Panda Dog-walking Hot Spring Towel  

SOLD OUT! 350Yen
Hot Spring Towel is one of the hot products every year. As the name suggests, it is perfect for use in the hot spring. Thanks to its thin texture, it dries quickly. Likewise it will become a nice New-Year greeting present. The sign of 2018 is Dog.

The towel comes with four patterns, Friends Greeting, Tetsu, Warumono Daruma, and Panda Dog-walking, as limited editions of the year 2018.

This product is to be sold out when the current stock has run out. Don't pass up the chance!
   TOP :  Panda : Handkerchief/Towel/Tenugui items total 3    1-3

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