T-shirt size chart

T-shirt size chart
L size Fits medium-built men comfortably.
Perfect for women who love loose clothes.
M size Fits medium-built women comfortably. A little loose-fitted for those who usually wear Ts in smaller sizes. While for medium size wearers, it will be tighter-fitting than the regular medium size.
120cm Fits seven to eight year-old children
110cm Fits five to six year-old children
100cm Fits three to four year-old children
90cm Fits two to three year-old children

Special T-shirt 2018 , 2018-model T-shirt, Special T-shirt 2017 , 2017-model T-shirt

L size M size 120cm 90cm
(1) length from neck to bottom 72cm 63cm 50cm 39cm
(2) chest 50cm 47cm 39cm 31cm
(3) width of bottom 50cm 47cm 39cm 31cm
(4) width of shoulder 42cm 37cm 31cm 22cm
(5) width of sleeves 16cm 15cm 14.5cm 10.5cm
(6) length of sleeves 20cm 20cm 15cm 12cm
T-shirt 2017 L size
T-shirt 2017 L size

T-shirt 2017 M size
T-shirt 2017 M size

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