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Tetsu Ceramic Canister  

This ceramic canister can hold spices, cookies, tiny stuff, etc. The wooden lid has a silicone lining that can keep things air-tight.
The available patterns have increased to 15 while thinking "This could be cute.", "That would be nice with the same design as our regular Big Mug Cup's." and so on. Some of them may be one-off production that are to be sold out as soon as the current stock has run out. Don't miss your favorite ones!

Tetsu Triad Nested Container  

This set consists of matching containers in three different sizes.
The previous model came in four containers. On the other hand, the current one has been remodeled as a three-piece set.
Like matryoshka dolls, the biggest container can hold the other two compactly.
They can be used as lunch boxes and versatile containers for tiny stuff.
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