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Gag Glass Kappa Sweat  

In response to requests from many customers, we specially reproduced our classic Gag Glasses.
It is fun to drink with a cute glass. We are very, very happy (like Shiro-Usagi on the glass) if you enjoy something cold to drink with this "Gag Glass".
Kappa Sit Down Big Mug Cup  

This product was one of the early ARANZI FUKUBUKURO (grab bag) 2021 contents. It is to be sold out as soon as the present stock has run out.

Our long-selling Big Mug Cup has been renewed with the new patterns. The theme is "sitting down". So everybody sits down.
Kappa Uo Made of Glass? Non-glass Cup  

As its name, it is a non-glass cup though it looks made of glass.
You will feel like having cold refreshment, won't you?
The cup will not crack if you drop it a little by accident. But be careful that it is likely to be broken when it falls hard.
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