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Tokage One-Word Flip Cover  L size

SOLD OUT! 3,900Yen
This is a flip-style cover with a mirror inside. Your smartphone can be attached onto the slide inside with the adhesive tape that comes with the cover.
It is compatible with a variety of smartphones such as iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus/6s Plus/ and 6 Plus.
Tokage One-Word Lap Blanket  

SOLD OUT! 3,600Yen
The colorful lap blanket has a fluffy and pleasant texture.
Tokage Smartphone Ring Holder  

Attach this holder to the back of your smartphone and place your finger through the ring to securely hold the phone. The ring can rotate 360 degrees. It can be used as a kickstand to easily view the screen.
Please read carefully NOTE below before you use the holder.
Tokage Suitcase Belt  

This suitcase belt will be a help to recognize your suitcase.
The quick-release buckle makes it easy to fasten and remove the belt.
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