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Hello Postcard  

The aqua postcard was Aranzi Aronzo's first product ever.
A postcard is an amusing item that can be designed according to the season or the mood of the moment. Choosing postcards seems to be similar to selecting paintings at a gallery. You can send your loved one the selected postcards or decorate your room with them. The aqua-bordeaux coloration is our standard.
Iro Iro Scatter Postcard  

This postcard features the same pattern as our original cloth.
Kumako Finger Puppet Postcard  

To celebrate publication debut of our French book "Les Jolies poupees de MiMi & LiLi", this postcard has been produced.

Cut the illustrated parts out of the postcard and assemble them. The cute finger puppets can be made easily. On the other side of the card, the instructions are written in both Japanese and French.
Postcard Clapping Hands  

The illustration from our latest Aranzi Books, "Let's cry together, let's smile together.".
Aranzi Aronzo's friends are congratulating. Good as a greeting card for celebration.
Treasure Ship Postcard  

Aranzi Seven Deities of Good Fortune are boarding on the treasure ship.
They are Warumono Daikokuten, Shiro-Usagi Benzaiten, Saru Fukurokuju, Panda Hoteison, Kappa Jurojin, Kuma Bishamonten, and Uo Ebisu (from left to right). Guess what kind of fortune each Deity is believed to bring.
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